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December 13, 2008

Big dagger as Marbury does not make the top 10 East Guards, but since our main mission is to get someone that doesn’t really deserve a spot, continue voting for Marbury and then vote for Luke Ridnour and Yi Jianlian!


Stephon Marbury goodies.

November 14, 2008

Vote Stephon Marbury into the All-Star Game!

November 14, 2008

Here is a blog that will keep track of voting Stephon Marbury into the All-Star game.


Go to:

Fill out the ballot however you like EXCEPT for the East Guards.

This part is IMPORTANT!

For East Guards (change the tab at the top) choose STEPHON MARBURY and choose from a list of

Luke Ridnour

Anthony Parker

Raymond Felton

As your other East Guard. I recommend you fill out the whole ballot in case voids it.

A bit of background.

Last year the NBA All-Star ballot included Antoine Walker and some of the basketball fans on the Internet tried to vote him in. Turns out Walker didn’t even crack the top 10 in voting. This year we’re going to try again and try and vote New York point guard Stephon Marbury into the All-Star Game.


  • He was an awesome NBA player
  • New coach Mike D’Antoni hasn’t played him a single minute yet and we need to get him some playing time!
  • He would be good entertainment for the game
  • Led the Phoenix Suns (host of this year’s game) to the NBA Playoffs in 2003
  • Makes affordable basketball shoes and clothes for people to wear
  • He’s funny
  • Just vote for him!

I’ll be making some banners that you can put on forum signatures or on your site. I’m trying to think of more incentives and more ways to get this out. If you can think of any good ideas feel free to leave a comment below.